Our Valuable Board Members

Tracy Smith
Tracy SmithPresident
Stacy Durr-Stainton
Stacy Durr-StaintonVice President
Claudia Potter
Claudia PotterTreasurer
Rhonda Bentley
Rhonda BentleyRecording Secretary
Mimi Dyer
Mimi DyerCorresponding Secretary
Debbie Linneman
Debbie LinnemanFinancial Advisor
Beth Cuprill
Beth CuprillMembership Chair
Jayne Rauh
Jayne RauhAnnual Meeting
Mindi Williams
Mindi WilliamsNewsletter
Mary Beth Young
Mary Beth YoungWebsite Administrator
Bebe Raupe
Bebe RaupeDigital Media
Lynette Barresi
Lynette BarresiProjects Chair
Mary Anne Stenger
Mary Anne StengerNominating Committee Chair
Kathy Roth
Kathy RothCo-Gala Chair 2016
Kristin Rose
Kristin RoseCo-Gala Chair 2016
Diana Scrimizzi
Diana ScrimizziGala Chair Elect 2017
Bonnie Hueneman
Bonnie HuenemanKindervelt Kraft Chair 2016
Char McBrayer
Char McBrayerLet the Good Times Bowl Chair 2016
Sue Crosby
Sue CrosbyLet the Good Times Bowl Chair Elect 2017
Valerie Taylor
Valerie TaylorLet the Good Times Bowl Chair Elect 2017
Linda Lunceford
Linda LuncefordImmediate Past President
Kathy Olberding
Kathy OlberdingLiaison Area #1
Lesley Nicol
Lesley NicolLiaison Area #2
Bonnie Finn
Bonnie FinnLiaison Area #3
Erin KleinLiaison Area #4